About me :



I'm Author-photographer,


For you I realize, printed portraits, corporate portraits, your advertisements and your images of communication.


I realized several works for clients such as: companies, public personality, privates clients, director, sportsmen and women, model agencies, models, motor sports, contemporary art space, magazine, pastry chef, filmmaker, software developer, photographic manufacturer....



My portraiture work :


At a family event, birth, wedding, or just because it's your perfect time.

Realize your portrait, and  participate in the transmission of the memory of a unique moment, is for me a pleasure that I like to share and to transcribe through my work.

That your images are realized like a classic portrait or in a place symbolic for you.


For you or for your collaborators, who are looking for a professional portrait, a printed portrait hanging on your walls reflects the image of your commitment, the courage, the ardor, the determination that you give to the success of your business,

Realize your portrait, is for me a form of participation in your success.


The portrait sessions are the perfect way to capture and share your best moments and memories.



My advertising work:


The advertising photography of your society or your products is specific, it must ideally transcribe the spirit of your products and your brand, it is one of the main vectors of your merchandising.

I like to listen, discover, understand your story, that of your company, your products, your brand, your image, your needs, in order to offer you the best image reflecting your request.

To transcribe your pictures "Portraits", "Pub", "Communication" ... an essence, a spirit, an atmosphere that suits you, following a creative approach to your request I offer quality images and original idea.


Each new images, each new projects are for me the beginning of a new adventure, a new challenge, the opportunity to create the unexpected, surprise, emotion ...



My Personnal projects :


My personal project are on portraiture, and outdoor flash photography,
For which, i like to transcribe in image the spirit and the energy released by the models with whom i work.


Where i live :

I live in Dijon (the city of mustard) in France, in the beautiful region of Burgundy and its great wines.

I also have a "pied-à-terre" at Bellevue at 2 minutes from the international airport of Geneva,  a great location with numerous landscape and opportunity to offer you wonderful place for realized your portraiture, and all your projects.



Sincerely yours,

Thierry J-Girard

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