Setup Shooting of Théia

Setup Shooting Theia

For this shooting I use two sources.
Set-up: To get maximum accutance made for a beautiful contrast with enough softness to the skin, I chose to use a key-light beauty bowl large diameter and depth: the bowl “Mola Setti” accompanied by dissemination of canvas.

To highlight the structure of the blouse, I use a snoot Elinchrom.

In order to keep rendering homogeneous fill-light to the hair, I use a V-Flat can be replaced by a large reflector if needed.all on a foldable black background. No smoothing is applied to the skin of the face of Theia, the result on the rendering and texture of her skin is a direct result of the shooting, only a slight imperfection was corrected.As always I use Elinchrom generators (Ranger Quadra RX or the choice of mobility system and power output) for this setup I advise pretty powerful flash (400 or 500 joules may agree).The snoot at a fairly low return and demand significant power.


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