Setup Shooting Theia on white background

Setup Shooting Theia on white background

For this setup I use two sources.

Set-up: To obtain a report contrasted with enough sweetness, I chose to use key-light octagonal box of large diameter and depth: Elinchrom indirect Rotalux box 150 cm (59 “) with only its mailing canvas internal.

To illuminate the background while avoiding the light from interfering with the rendering of the Elinchrom box, I use a V-Flat I use to limit the spread of the light emitted through a VARISTAR bowl.

I use this specific configuration, to step back available in local or took place shooting all on a foldable white background.

As always I use Elinchrom generators (Ranger Quadra RX or the choice of mobility system and power output) for this setup as the light box is an important dimension, I suggest quite powerful flashes (the 400 or 500 joules may agree).

I finally added a layer with Photoshop to “age” a little picture.


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