Why a make-up trolley …

Why be equipped with a trolley make-up?

I am a photographer, but who is this sudden interest I take in acquiring a « Studio » trolley with mirror and lighting …
Ultimately what I want as a photographer is simply to get the best possible picture, both technically and emotionally.

And so simply, it all begins to offer its employees a real beauty area, and that they may also enjoy having a suitable working environment.

Because either for the Model, The M.u.a or Hairdresser, to working with you in favorable conditions with attention, is a success factor in your shootings.

All MUA and hairdressers do not move necessarily with a trolley « Studio » for the simple reason that it is heavy and bulky, and they already have their cosmetics or accessories to move in their suitcases …
Then simply offer them the provision of a trolley, it is also a way to show your appreciation with respect to their investment.
One advantage of the trolley is also being a mobile space.
It’s also always nice to also provide the trolley a few basic cosmetics and accessories, and the choice of them you can listen to the advice of your beauty team.

Ditto on projects that require a really specific cosmetic, and have it available in the trolley is more sympathetic. 

To play simplicity I considered that the team consisted of a Model, a M.u.a and Hairdresser.


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