A good, and ergonomic workspace.

As a photographer working with digital material, one of the essential elements is to have a computer workstation suitable for retouching, sorting and all other essential tasks ….

The profession of photographer has evolved, and for the processing and retouching of the images themselves, we spend a lot of hours in front of the computer …

It is for this reason that an adapted workspace is essential. Certainly, the aesthetics of its space is important, but good ergonomics is just as much. Elements such as the choice of desk, chair, keyboard, tablet, mouse, screens … are important.

These are the elements that will allow you to spend your time working comfortably and without fatigue.

For all accessories connected to the computer, you should always think of ergonomic solutions: keyboard with wrist rest, mouse of size adapted to the size of your hand, and placement of all its elements on your desktop positioned in ways to minimize the movements of your hands and arms.

For the desk, the ideal is an desk of sufficient size (depending on the material you have available (single screen, dual screen, keyboard, wacom tablet …), either with a sliding tray and a gutter or a fixed tray with cable passage, which avoids the “spaghetti dish” of monitor cables, mouse keyboard, tablet, calibration probe …

The office chair is certainly one of the most important accessories, it is one of the key points of comfort.

For a good chair, it takes about 300 euros, it may seem to be high, but in the end compared to the price of a wacom tablet or even a goal, this price remains reasonable, especially when it comes to spend hours in front of a screen …

The choice will depend a lot on the tastes and the morphology of each one, there are the classic armchairs, the design, the gamers …

– The “classical” and “design” armchairs are to be preferred when the room is subject to the heat of summer, in this case one will rather target an armchair with a reclining back in mesh (which aims to minimize the phenomena of perspiration) and with dorso-lumbar support.

– In an air-conditioned room, and if the style matches you, the chair of “gamer” (look like an automotive bacquet) is the choice that I prefer, lateral support, lumbar cushion, head restraint, and tilting backrest.There are now “sober” gaming chairs in general of black color.

Whatever the type of chair, it is necessary to privilege the models with the armrests adjustable in height, and for those who desire the removable armrests.

I personally fan of the “Nitro”  from AK-Racing.


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