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Jul 23, 2012
Nero Multi Trigger

Nero Multi Trigger

It can automatically trigger flash or digital SLR cameras with light, sound, or the crossing of a laser barrier (you will need a laser source: a pen pointer 10 euros can be enough).It also features time-lapse function, Super Bulb, long Expo and Manual.Discovery of Nero multi trigger: 

This is a case of 9 * 6 * 3 cm equipped with: 

- A shoe for fixing on the flash claw.- An on / off button.- Two Jack connectors, one for the flash and one for the SLR.- Two selection buttons for functions.- A potentiometer to adjust sensitivity or value of the selected setting.- An LED diode bar to control and view selected functions and settings.
and a cord to connect it to a Nikon or Canon camera (to choose at purchase).
It's simple and effective the end, the choice of the LEDs is fully justified for use in dim light, it's directly to use and visualize.

His test:
Nero is chosen according to the reactive sensitivity to a range of its important for very low (type rustling, whispering) high.

Test with a light source:Here we find the same quality for audio.
Test with laser barrier:

it is mainly for this purpose I have chosen and the result also meets my expectations.Turning off the laser beams created between nero and the pointer triggers the camera.
Conclusion:This trigger fills my expectations, I did not have bad surprises during use.
Of course as with any trigger must of course take into account the milliseconds that inevitably add (trigger reaction time time tracking of the device trigger latency that so request in some cases anticipate the trigger by placing the detector).

- Note the great customer service at Nerotrigger, an order placed on Friday, an expedition on Saturday morning and reception on Monday; all sent by DHL free shipping !!!
I do not know if I've been very fortunate on that occasion but this is exceptional enough to be notified. -

To recap the site Nerotrigger: http://www.nerotrigger.com