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Apr 26, 2017
Outdoor photo session

Outdoor photo session.

The purpose of this session was to be performed quickly,

To provide strength and depth to this shooting, i realized it in a very spaced place, with the presence of the sunset (which limits the time available for this session.

Several attempts were the be carried out depending on weather conditions, to obtain the desired result in the level of light and clouds.
The most important is to prepare every point of the session for loosing no time.

To be quickly up and running, I chose to work with light equipment.

My hope being able to sufficiently cut the outline of Jeremy, while keeping a natural look, I chose a bowl of Elinchrom :  the high performance diameter 10"-1/4. the generator (Ranger RX) was pushed to full power (1100 joules) after measuring with the flash meter.

You can find below the preparation, the lighting diagram, and of course the final picture.