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Apr 26, 2017
Restoration of a picture aged of 80 years.

I was given a picture in bad condition having passed through several decades, so I have to restore it

I have to repair the parts with scratch, tears, stained areas, and restore the lower part (on the left) that is missing. I can slightly modify the image to reconstitute the missing area, its historical value being reserved for its owner who wants an entire photo.

To work on this picture, I use photoshop with the help of a Wacom tablet.

The first phase consists of performing a high-definition scan in Tiff format at 1200 dpi, in order to obtain a file of optimal quality and a comfort of work.

I open the photo in photoshop, then i realize my retouches on multiple layers according to the areas of the images and the types of corrections applied. The advantage of using layers is to perform non-destructive retouching.

Retouching layers with mask will be used by zones:

- Faces

- Clothing

- Background

- First plan

Correction layers will be used on curves and desaturation of the image.

The reconstruction of the missing area is obtained by copying (of a sufficient size) the right side of the photo.

 I apply a horizontal symmetry, I adjust its position and apply a mask of fusion.

I use a brush with soft edges smoothly and realize the transition between the two elements. I repeat the operation 3 times with blocks of smaller sizes to fill the remaining voids.

The final processing of the image with the Topaz Labs BW plugin is also performed on a layer, in order to be able to modulate the opacity and the intensity of the correction obtained.