Privates and professionnals

Portraits :


- Corporate,

- Social networks,

- Artists, sportsmen, public figures.



Advertising and communication :


- Advertising photos (products, fashion, culinary ...),

- Internal and external communication,

- Mobile photo studio


The advertising picture of your products is specific, it must ideally transcribe the image of your products and your brand.


It is one of the main vectors of your merchandising.


Thanks to the evocation of the history of your products, your brand, your image, your future choices and strategies, I am able to offer you the creative image reflecting your request.



You can contact me for any requests for information, advice, reservation,

By phone: (+33) (0)6-12-69-68-18 or e-mail.


For more information, you can also consult our "Frequently Asked Questions".

Portraits: Printed art print in pigment inks.


Like my clients, I believe that photographs are our legacy.

The exquisite portraits we create together are tangible memories that can be touched and preserved for generations.

This is why all art pictures are made on fine art paper and with pigment inks.

My impressions are designed to stand the test of time.


For professionals, the image that a printed portrait reflects symbolizes, your commitment, the courage, the ardor, the determination that you give to your company.


Portrait sessions are the perfect way to capture that moment.


So that this photographic session is the one you always dreamed of, and in order to make the process as simple as possible:

"Classic" and "Prestige" offers are proposed to you.


These offers are designed in a flexible way, to offer you lasting images and a unique experience.

The art portrait "Classic"


The portrait "Classic" is a personalized portrait of Studio in the purest tradition, through the vision and the eye of the photographer.


- Virtual meeting (audio / video) before shooting

- The realization of your portrait "Classic" starts from 460 Euros HT.



The art portrait "Prestige"


The realization of your "Prestige" art portrait is built in two stages:


- A first date, to allow you to present your universe, your history, that of your company, and the place, decoration, atmosphere or you wish to realize your portrait.

- The preparation of this first appointment can be organized by videophony (Skype, Messenger), or telephone, mail.


Then, thanks to your sharing, I would present to you the project of the portrait that I propose to you.


- During a second appointment, I will make your art portrait, on the chosen place.

- The realization of your Portrait "Passion" starts from 1,240 Euros excluding tax **.



Contact me today to find out more about these offers.


For more information, you can also consult our "Frequently Asked Questions".


Your "Classic" or "Passion" art portrait is made with pigment inks ensuring an exceptional longevity * of your image!


Drawing in the format 50 cm by 75 cm

Laminate on alu-dibon, canvas print, US box-set according to the chosen options.


* Longevity of the centennial draft.




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